Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trick or Treat Fairy done!

Well, last night just before 11pm, I finally finished up Nora Corbett's Trick or Treat fairy from the Sep 2008 CS&N magazine.

Trick or Treat Fairy by Nora Corbett

It feels like an accomplishment to have 2 pieces done so close together! So now I have to decide if I pick up yet another thing in my WIP pile or throw something new in. You wouldn't think that'd be such a tough decision! I wouldn't mind picking up my wizard and working on him more:

Midnight Enchanter 10/10/09

He probably wouldn't be too hard to finish! But then again, something new is calling my name! I'm thinking maybe one of those all one color Who Knew? patterns with the mermaids. Of course if I work on something in my WIP pile, I wouldn't have to ponder fabric and thread! Maybe I'll work on that cute Halloween pillow I started long ago. It wouldn't take long to finish up!


Andie said...

Wahoooo!!! Your on a roll!! :D

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