Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A New Life

Seems like so much has happened since I last posted. I graduated from nursing school and went straight into the Intensive Care Unit. Worked there for nearly a year and since my husband retired from the air force, we moved back home several states away! I got a new job, now working as a nurse in the Emergency Department, my kids are nearly done with high school, so of course they hated to move so far away, but it's done now. We have a lovely house with 10 acres. Hubby still hasn't found a job after he retired, but he wants to take his time and find something that he'll love doing. We'll see what happens. My honey do list is pretty long and he better love doing that so those things can get checked off! HAHA! My schedule is nights, so it's hard to flip back to days and I haven't touched my stitching in so long. I hate it! I need to just pick it up one night and get going on it, but I work again tomorrow night and then I'll be one for 3 nights, off 1, and on another. Yuck! Sucks the life out of me because I'm so exhausted when I get home! Looks like webshots kicked me out since I didn't log in for awhile. I suppose I lost all my pics :(


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